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Tips On Meeting

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Religions Have A Plan Of Words – God Has A Plan Of Action – Effective Sex Education Is A Necessity

Religions and churches have a plan for man and it is based on words.

God, the Creator of the Universe, has a plan for man and it is based on action

God knew each of us before we were born and He had a loving and careful plan.

God gave humans a magnificent brain to reason systematically on all assertions or propositions which form the basis for a work or theory. Theory is an idea used to account for a situation or justify a course of action. Reason is a mental faculty (or ability) found in humans, that is able to generate conclusions from assumptions or premises Reason is particularly associated with human nature.

Do you ever ask yourself if the writers of the ancient religious books deliberately made religion and logic incompatible? Logic is not the anti-thesis of religion.

God gave us the power to think and to reason, but at the end of the day, there are things that must be accepted by faith. If we humans use our magnificent brain it is definitely possible for religion and logic to co-exist.

From the beginning His plan included human nature. God wants His most precious possessions (us) (humans) to enjoy ‘desires of the flesh’ as long as our own actions don’t harm anyone else.

Reasoning acts as the motor or generator to activate human nature. This is aided by the addition of our five senses; seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting.

Man’s desire to satisfy his hunger for food and to achieve sexual satisfaction is human nature and is God’s action plan for humans.

It is preached that God is perfect and that what God does is perfect.

If religions and churches really believe what they preach they cannot logically oppose, condemn, or question God’s perfection in His creation of humans with DNA genes that generate our human nature.

Worthwhile world organizations and religions must concentrate now on assuring that every person that will have sex in the future gets effective Sex-Ed. This includes, as a minimum, teaching personal values, offering acceptable effective alternatives to sexual intercourse outside marriage, teaching the necessity of using condoms to prevent unprotected sex, and assuring that condoms are always readily available to every person of every age.

It isn’t a question of our ability to effectively address this important issue. The question is, “Are leaders on this earth concerned enough about the misery and suffering caused by sexually related social problems to wake up, confront outdated rules, and initiate solutions?”

Adults have a New Millennium opportunity to usher in sex-education that can be effective in reducing or eliminating teen-age pregnancies, AIDS, STD, adultery, divorce, and other sex-related social problems.

Effective Sex-Ed is logical and smart… and can make our beautiful world a nicer place to live for everyone.

Effective Sex-Ed is the New Millennium’s Answer to Earth’s Cry for Help.

(c)Gene Hudgens

I feel Christians have a responsibility to help all humans on earth. I enjoy addressing controversial areas that aid in this goal. I’m a male over fifty, retired Army, married, living in Stuttgart, German with my family.

Better Sex Through Communication – One Man’s Suggestions

Couples usually exchange only a few words during sex, and most of the time, the sounds that are uttered do not mean much, beyond expressions of appreciation or pleasure. But sometimes, couples need to do more than simply grunt at one another. In many cases, they may need to get into more detailed discussion about sex-related issues. Bringing up this topic can be hard, especially if the talk is prompted by a penis care concern, but words of wisdom from a guy who’s been there could help men to resolve these problems for better sex going forward.

Choose the Right Location

It’s tempting to talk about sex in the bedroom, as this is the place where the action tends to happen. But according to this man, sexy places just aren’t right for a conversation like this. “When I tried to talk about sex issues in the bedroom, my partner ended up feeling really attacked, and then I had trouble initiating sex with her there in the future,” he says. “I want the bedroom to be a safe place for her, where she can really let go, so that means I just can’t talk about heavy stuff in there.”

Instead of initiating the discussion in the bedroom, this man recommends a more neutral location, such as the kitchen, the quiet corner of a coffee shop, the backyard – even the car. “The idea is to find an open space in which you can talk freely, without your partner worrying that you’re going to move right from talking about it to doing it,” he says.

Using the Right Words

This man needed to discuss sex with his partner due to health concerns that developed after sex. It was an understandably touchy subject. “My partner likes it rough, so she always asked me to skip the lube and go at things harder,” he mentions. “That all feels great, but when the sex was done, I was so incredibly sore and chapped. Sometimes, I was even bleeding when it was through. I knew I had to say something about it, as this kind of thing just isn’t good for my body.”

But this man knew that using blaming words would shut the conversation down before it began. He even worried that talking about the problem would make his partner stop having sex with him at all. “I worked a lot on my opening statement,” he explains. “I wanted to let her know that I loved her, and I loved having sex with her, but that I just wanted a few things to change. That’s a super hard message to get across, so I practiced in the mirror over and over until I felt I had the words down right.”

The man also worked hard to ensure that all of his statements began with the word “I.”

“I read that people become defensive when they hear sentences that start with ‘You always.’ It would be easy for me to use that phrase about our sex life, so I worked and worked on practicing my speech until I got rid of that quirk,” he says.

How it Went

The man reports that his conversation was a little awkward, but he’s glad he spoke up for the health of his Johnson. “My partner still felt a little attacked, I think, and she really didn’t want to talk about this,” the man says. “But I kept reminding her that I love her and that I want things between us to be better, and that I want my penis to be healthy, too. In time, we came up with some good solutions.”

Unsatisfactory Sex-Life – Is a Reason for People to Go For Extra-Marital Relations or Divorces

Unsatisfactory Sex-Life…is an Important Reason for People to Go For “Extra-Marital Relations” or “Divorces”


In a Country where using the word “Sex” itself is a big taboo; where anyone talking anything below belt is consider as a “Character Less” person, how can one talk about ” Love Making”? I agree that ours is a country which gave to this world “the art of love making” through pictorial presentation of “KAMASUTRA” but we still hesitate and feel shy, when one is asked to explain those positions. Just look into your “Sex Life” and see if what you are doing in “Love Making” or it is just a “Lust”? Are you having “fun” while making-love or you are just “inviting in” or “inserting in” as “fire” there is not bearable?

This article is prepared with the inputs from 467 people across the country and out-of them around 287 where females and among them 261 had experienced “Love-Making”. Most of these ladies did mentioned that in their married life…it is just “Roll-on; Roll-Off and Sleep”. There is no doubt that “Physical Relations” are important for the long-lasting “love-relations” between couple. Unsatisfactory Sex Life can lead to “Extra-Marital Relations” or “Divorces”. Lets discuss about it. Why “Love-Making” is important? What is the importance of “Foreplay” is satisfactory “Love Intercourse”. After the game is over, what is that a male or female expects from each other? And things like that. Lets being with “KAMASUTRA”.

History…behind KAMASUTRA

The KAMASUTRA history leads us back to the ancient India, between the 1st and 6th centuries (although the exact year of its writing still unknown). Considered by many specialists as the most important and influent book on the human sexuality, the KAMASUTRA (which was actually written by Vatsyayana, a scholar on Indian traditions) is today commonly mistaken as a plain and simple compendium of sex positions, or a manual to the art of sex. Other than that, the KAMASUTRA is a real document of an important part of Indian customs and traditions, showing many thoughts and ideas that still fit in our today’s society values.

There are, indeed, descriptions and paintings of sex positions on the original KAMASUTRA. The author Vatsyayana regarded lovemaking as being much more than physical encounter, but also an important spiritual act of love and learning, a “divine union” as the author refers on the book. He considered that there were only eight possible sex positions, multiplied by eight. The total amount of 64 sex positions being called “The 64 Arts”.

However, only about 20% of the KAMASUTRA was dedicated to sex positions, and the rest is in fact a compendium on insights about the relationships between men and women and in the ancient India’s social and religious life.

The KAMASUTRA only reached the Eastern civilization in 1883, thanks to Sir Richard Burton, who wrote the first English translation for the book. Since then, other two key translations from the original KAMASUTRA in Sanskrit were made: one in 1970 by Indra Sinha and the most recent one by Wendy Doniger in 2002. However, we may find plenty of “unofficial” translations focusing only on the sex positions (and including several positions not listed on the original), specially on the Internet. Most of these versions have little in common with the original KAMASUTRA.

KAMASUTRA in its true Sense

For many people – especially in the Western world – KAMASUTRA is merely a collection of different love-making positions, a combination of acrobatics and pornography. But for the Eastern mind, the true meaning of KAMASUTRA reaches beyond this purely physical interpretation. For them, sex – in all of its forms – is sacred. It reproduces the ultimate creative act, the union of the masculine and the feminine cosmic principles. Sex is the cause of the creation and manifestation of the universe. According to Tantra, sexual intercourse, however trivial it may seem, is sacred, cosmic (even when the lovers do not acknowledge this fact, which is usually the case).

When doing the asanas (the yoga positions adopted for the ritual), tantra seeks to “divinize” the couple and their sexuality. Without this spiritual element, KAMASUTRA and Koka Shastrano wouldn’t evoke divine rituals.

These two treatises aim to increase sensual voluptuousness. To this end, they propose several sex techniques, with a focus on love-making positions. In fact, the asanas, or traditional positions for joint meditation, are specific and scarce.

Tao teachers have chosen the most comfortable positions for prolonging intercourse, sometimes even up to two hours without having to move much, for this would hinder interiorization during divine intercourse. They are usually so comfortable that complete physical and mental relaxation is achieved, and alternative consciousness levels, or even sleep, can be reached. The asanas must also favor magnetic interchange of vital energy, and facilitate control over ejaculation and the body’s health.

Tantra dismisses (at least at the beginning) the most common position used in the Western world – the so-called “missionary position” (Uttana bandka in Sanskrit), in which the man lies over the woman. This position is rejected by Tao followers because it does not facilitate control.

Famous Love-Making Positions

Genital Sex:

-Missionary Sex Position: The most famous and common position: man on top and woman at the bottom, with her legs spread, there is direct penetration;

-Feet on his shoulders Sexual Position: While man is kneeling, the woman rests her legs on his shoulders;

From Behind:

-Leapfrog Sex Position: It looks like the doggy position, but here, the woman’s torso is lower;

-Spread-Eagle Sex Position: While the woman is laid and facing down, the man must be on top;

Woman on Top:

-Cowgirl Sexual Position: With the man lying down on his back, the woman sits on top facing him;

-Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position: The same as above, but in this position the woman faces away;

Sitting and Kneeling:
-Black Bee Sexual Position: The man sits on the floor with her hands behind him. The woman sits on top, with her hands on his shoulders;

-Watching the Game Sex Position: Man sits in a chair and the woman sits on top of him, face-to-face;

-Wheelbarrow Sexual Position: The woman must be lifted by something, so the man penetrates her, standing;

-Stand and Carry Sex Position: While the man, standing, holds the woman, she wraps her legs around his waist and holds on his shoulders.

What is Foreplay and what is its importance in “Satisfactory” Love-Making

Foreplay consists of sexually stimulating activities that usually lead to intercourse. Since it generally takes women longer to physically become ready for intercourse, foreplay is important in ensuring that the female partner will find lovemaking as satisfying as the male.
As foreplay intensifies and a woman becomes increasingly sexually excited, she experiences physiological changes: The labia gradually become swollen and turn a deeper color of pink, the vagina secretes a lubricating fluid that makes insertion of the penis easier, and her nipples harden. For a man, foreplay generally strengthens an erection and increases the urge to have intercourse and ejaculate.

Some Basic Techniques Considered as Foreplay are :

Kissing and deep kissing on the mouth and across the body

Stroking the erogenous zones

Fondling the breasts

Nipple stimulation and sucking

Sensual massage

Frottage (rubbing) and digital manipulation of genitals

Oral sex

Strip tease

Lap dance

Body painting

Showering together

Use of vibrators and other sex toys

There is no time limit to foreplay. And some couples routinely engage in foreplay that does not lead to intercourse and ejaculation. However, most consider foreplay the appetizer and intercourse the main course.

In any relationship where sex is involved, foreplay can be almost as important as if not necessary for the actual sex act to occur. Technically I think of foreplay as any activity that occurs as a precursor to the sex act that has the intent of increasing the level of excitement in your partner and yourself or for preparing one another for the sex act.

After discussing about “KAMASUTRA”…”Various Positions involved” in love-making…and importance of “Foreplay” …lets share what male or female want from each other…after sexual intercourse

Most of the people just sleep over without even asking their partners as how they feel or what they want. As a result they feel dejected and hurt. So, what males like after sex?

After asking many a man what he likes to do after making love, taking a nap topped the list by a landslide, and having a snack came in at second. Now, in a man’s ideal world, every woman would get up after lovemaking, prepare a warm snack for her man and then stroke his hair while he takes a long nap. And although there are women out there who do comply with such a request, chances are it won’t become the post-sex routine you’re hoping for. It just ain’t going to happen. Relationships are about give and take, and while giving her an orgasm and taking a nap fit the rhetoric, that’s not the way it’s going to be.

Recent statistics released by the University of Chicago also reveal an important fact: Married men, and not their single counterparts, are the most physically and emotionally fulfilled when it comes to sex. They say that the feelings of sharing have never been stronger than in the moments that follow sex.

Which isn’t to say that both men and women don’t complain of spouses who get out of bed too quickly to wash up, or go back to chores, or turn on the TV, or roll over and fall asleep. They just want to talk about each other…not about their kids or relatives etc. It should both of them.

For many men, the loss of an erection after sex can also beckon the loss of a bond, a shrinking and even shirking away. Want some useless words of advice? Try not to take it personally. If your husband’s haste to jump out of bed upsets you, therapists recommend looking at the act of lovemaking as a process that can start as early as dressing for dinner and not conclude until you’re both emotionally ready to end your intimacy. The word postcoital implies there’s something that happens before and something that happens after, and that there is an it. All there is is a whole.

Now, what is that a female want after “Sexual Intercourse”? I can’t pretend to know what every single one wants after sex. The desires range from cuddling and talking to being left alone and being fed. But from what I could gather, touching definitely topped the list.

They want to cuddle. It’s no secret; just about every woman loves it when her man finishes doing his thing only to flip her around and hug her in the spoon position. That’s the goldmine of affectionate actions. Flipping her around isn’t even necessary, but chances are that some kind of bodily touching may be. Why? Well, because sharing in a very sacred experience with a woman likely leaves her feeling vulnerable. And something as small as wrapping your arm around her can make all the difference.

They want to talk. Although many guys aren’t big fans of the “cuddle,” there are even less men around who want to talk once the deed is over. But if she wants to talk, you may have to keep your ears open and listen up. Chances are that she will likely talk about what went down — especially if you had her yelling out like a banshee. And I’m quite sure that your “stork able” ego will overtake your need for some shuteye when it comes to such a topic anyway.

She may pamper you by saying, “Let’s do it again”. If she’s still raring to go after the first round, chances are she’ll be all over you, doing her best to let you know that the evening call for a second round. Between playing with herself and stroking your penis, you may just find yourself going into round two before you know it. But if you’re older and more comfortable in your relationship, chances are that you may not be as easily aroused for round two, and, of course, that isn’t your fault. Add that to the fact that you probably did all the work and it’s quite possible that your little man won’t be good to go right away.